Convos wtih the Bros: "Gino buys a car!"

Greetings!! Each week the founders of “The Black Coffee Company,” meet to discuss their business plans, financials, processes, and completed tasks. The meetings are currently weekly, due to all our activity and deadlines, but at times in the past those meetings were bi-weekly or monthly depending on our availability and agenda. Regardless of when the meetings took place or how often, we made sure to begin each meeting the same way, by discussing our lives, sharing our daily experiences, and learnings. In my opinion this is the single most valuable aspect of our company, our differentiator, and our key to success. After a recent discussion we thought it would be an interesting experiment to share these “private conversations” with our community and wider network of followers. It is our sincere hope that you can take something from our discussions and apply an insight or tip to your own life and goals.

With that said our first open discussion:

Gino: Wsup fellas so as I mentioned on our last call I’m feeling like now is the time to go ahead and make this purchase, but I wanted to talk to you all and hopefully get some tips

Jamin: Good luck!!! Lololol

Leonard: Dont do it!!

Branden: Congrats Bro!

Chris: Huh, what did you say? My connection is tripping

Gino: Lolololol @Chris Bro I’m ready to go ahead and cop this ride man!! I need the hook up

Chris: Oh fasho, my bad have you done any research?

Jamin: go to your Credit union first, that’s if you have one.

Leonard: How much have you saved?

Branden: Have you ever owned a ‘new’ car?

Gino: Actually, I contacted my credit union. Never owned a ‘new’ car… my old one is long gone, and I’ve saved about $6,000 just for a new car.

Jamin: Balller!!!!! Let me hold something? Lolol nah I think it’s best to invest that cash.

Leonard: Good work Bro!! You have a bunch of options to consider: could buy a used, but it needs to be reliable, could buy a new car, but you don't want to spend too much, and you better get a good deal.

Chris: Or keep on stackin that cash and let’s buy the block

Branden: I agree with Chris!!! Lol

Gino: Well I’ve never had a brand-new car, and that’s been weighing on my mind, but I do not want to have a high car note.

Jamin: That makes two of us; every car I’ve owned has been used. They were new to me though. I make sure I only buy certified used, but that only guarantees you so much, so if you do go with a used, get that extended warranty and try to stay away from high mileage vehicles (anything over 60K miles)

Leonard: Well if you decide to go the new car route and take out a loan, make sure your credit score is on point so you can get a low interest rate; a credit union probably will offer the lowest interest rate; always look at the big picture (overall cost of the car and loan), then consider what the monthly payments are going to be; ask if dealer offers incentives like free maintenance for three years or $500 off for being a student or because you work at a particular employer; save and put down as much as you can!

Chris: I always do the used car route. After doing my most recent debt assessment I realized that I only have $600 left to go on my car now, which was a used car. I put money down on my car, to get the payments down to where I was comfortable. I also paid extra each month to pay the loan off quicker and avoid some of that interest. Personally, living out in here in Atlanta in makes no sense to buy a new car, the roads are terrible, potholes everywhere.

Branden: I think certified pre-owned is the way to go. Having a high car note is going to depend on how much you put down and your interest rate. Find out the sweet spot in terms of how much you want to pay per month. Pick a car based on your monthly allowance and if it doesn't matter and you are going to have to pay a large amount anyway, I wouldn't put down any money. I don't believe in that. Keep that liquid cash for emergencies or alternate/actual investments…. A car is truly not an investment.

Gino: What's the difference between a new and preowned car?

Jamin: A new car is exactly that, new, never before owned. Usually comes with 5-10 year/ 60-100k mile warranty. A “Pre-owned” car is really a “Used” car, dealers just say pre-owned to imply that the used car does not come with a warranty or inspection. If the vehicle is labelled “Certified Pre-Owned” then the dealer is certifying that the vehicle was inspected and passed.

Leonard: What Jamin said!

Branden: There is a difference between pre-owned and certified pre-owned. Certified comes with the remaining warranty from the initial manufacturer, and it includes a multi-point inspection with the option to add another extended warranty. They are usually ‘newer’ and often are in really good condition. The ones I’ve looked at had a lot of features that customers added upon purchase. That means that there may be freebies, in a sense.

Chris: They hit the nail on the head. Certified pre-owned is the way to go!

Gino: Would it be better to have a higher down payment or use that money to pay off some debt to raise my credit score?

Jamin: Pay off the debt and raise that credit score!! Well that's the mission I am currently on, and after purchasing a “certified pre-owned” vehicle just over a year ago, I regret putting so much money down on the car. Sure, I owe less, but my interest rate is much higher than I am comfortable with, and thus I am now paying down debt so that I may refinance the vehicle and get a lower rate,

Leonard: If you can hold out from purchasing to get your credit score up and pay off your debt that would be ideal. Honestly, I would sit do