“Holiday Tea” Trifecta

Sourced from "Tea's Me Indy" the Holiday Tea Trifecta contains Masala Chai, Caramel/Almond, and Tiramisu tea. Below is a description of each tea. 


Masala Chai (Black Tea) - has some of the same flavor notes as cinnamon orange spice such as cinnamon and ginger but more earthy/savory. Full bodied, broken leaf India black tea blend with ginger, cinnamon, vanilla and cardamon. Brew strong and add plenty of cream for a delicious, spicy-fruity chai. We love this tea.


Caramel/Almond (Black Tea) - full-leaf black tea blend with caramel and almond slices. Very soothing bold, complex, earthly tea.


Tiramisu (Herbal Tea) - roasted mate with cocoa, mascarpone, Rooibos (Red Tea), chocolate chips, caramel pieces, skimmed condensed milk, sugar, glucose molasses, freeze-dried yoghurt, roasted coffee beans and Roman chamomile . This is a invigorating, caffeine bearing herbal infusion. Contains milk and nut products.

“Holiday Tea” Trifecta


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