Organic, premium quality coffee used as a vehicle to empower, educate, and give back to our communities.

Est. 2018

We use organic, premium quality coffee as a vehicle to empower, educate, and give back to our communities.

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Our Coffee

Our mission started with the search for fair trade, single-sourced, organic coffee plants from Ethiopia. Since then we've expanded our selection of beans and now source coffee from Honduras, Kenya, Brazil and Peru. 


We are proud of our coffee connection to the African continent and other global regions, as well as the opportunity to help build our own economy.  With local roasters, superb beans, and our commitment to empowerment and community, we ensure that every shipment to our customers comes fresh and makes an impact.


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"The best part of being a Dope Black Woman..."

"The best part of being a Dope Black Woman? How my #BlackGirlMagic just follows me wherever I go. I get it right every morning with #BlackCoffeeCo so I can #StayWoke and Conquer the day!" 


-Dr. D.Jackson



Our Premium Coffee Is Only The Beginning.

We believe in building partnerships and relationships to cultivate something much bigger. 




We are guided by our raw values: Entrepreneurship, Community Empowerment, and Financial Freedom. We exemplify what happens when passion and hard work blend together, creating something so meaningful and special for our communities, making an impact now and for generations.

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Our Flagship Location "Black Coffee ATL" Will Open Summer 2021

Located on the 1st floor of the "Ali at Lakewood" complex in the Historic Lakewood Heights area of Atlanta, Georgia.

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