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Thanks to your INVESTMENTS in us, we are now in a position to continue building this business into a platform that truly EMPOWERS all of our COMMUNITIES.

We have partnered with Seed At The Table for our Round 6 of Family & Friends investing to raise $100,000. Please see the link below to learn more about the investment opportunity and to submit your investment.   

Thanks for submitting!

Our Family & Friends investing journey began in August 2020. It started out as an idea. We put together a pitch deck and began talking to anyone who would listen. After 21 pitches and many promises, we received our first investment for $1,000 in Sept. 2020. Fast forward to today (July 2023), we have raised $122,842.18 from our family and friends. We have paid back Round 1 & 2 investors and currently paying back Round 3 investors. Round 6 of investing is open now!  

Timeline / Milestones
* Sept. 2020: Round 1 Investment
*January 2021: Round 2 Investment
*January 2022: Round 3 Investment
*July 2022: Round 4 Investment

*October 2022: Completed Repayment to Round 1 Investors
*December 2022: Round 5 Investment
*January 2023: Completed Repayment to Round 2 Investors
*November 2023: Launch of Round 6 via Crowdfunding Platform


Please use the form below if you would like to learn more investing.

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