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We launched The Black Coffee Company in 2018 with the freshest organic coffee beans and #BlackCoffeeCo branded merchandise as a way to create resources and opportunities for our communities.

It all started on a 2015 trip to the Motown Museum in Detroit, MI where we learned how Berry Gordy’s parents worked together to create a self-sustaining family investment fund. This fund not only provided business startup capital for all family members, it provided the funding necessary for Berry Gordy to launch his Motown record label. ​For us, this was a divine moment of inspiration.


We started as high school friends and grew into lifelong brothers, proudly walking the halls of the great Xavier University of Louisiana together. Over the years through our travels and adventure, our ambitions grew and our focus shifted to protecting the family collective, creating a legacy. We finally had a blueprint for our next endeavor. We would learn all we could about investing so that we could become a vehicle for empowerment within our own community. "BackPack Investments" was born. This investment club would allow us to put our money where our mouth is, learn the ropes, and share knowledge.

After three years building, spending hundreds of hours in meetings and conference calls, growing our investment fund, pooling our financial resources and career experiences .... we launched our business, “The Black Coffee Company”.

The Black Coffee Company has allowed us to leverage our collective capital, cultural experiences, and networks, to create a self-sustaining enterprise that sells organic fair trade coffee beans, branded merchandise and apparel, and ultimately, lifestyle. Through this enterprise we direct a percentage of all profits to our educational fund, which provides high-impact educational and financial resources for minority youths within our local communities.

Our Raw Values


We build and maintain businesses, networks, and platforms by teaching foundational principles that we, ourselves, have lived through. While not experts in this space, our team is transparent in our dealings and probing in our questioning for those aiming to make the same moves.


Pooling resources to create revenue-generating opportunities is how we started; it's how we built the trust necessary to become champions for our community. We believe in the power of people and understand that entrepreneurship is rarely done alone.


Lastly, at all times our team maintains integrity and consistency in principle and action, always conveying honesty and truth.

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Financial Freedom

Promoting quality education for our communities and building generational wealth are two of our major priorities. We donate a percentage of  profits to our educational fund, which provides high-impact educational and financial resources for minority youth in their local communities.

Education is where it starts with us. We grew up learning together and realize that if anything is to ever be achieved, the fundamentals must be understood. With this in mind, we teach the very basic level of financial health and literacy. We strive to deliver easily digestible, practical information that will set the tone for protecting future wealth.



Our dedication to culture and community has long been the core characteristic and spirit of our company. Created from a long-lasting bond between friends, we believe in building partnerships and relationships to cultivate something much bigger than coffee.​ People are the pathway! It has been shown numerous times throughout history how change is only successful when "people" get involved. Community is as old as humanity and there is no better time to reinvest, reinvigorate, and in some respects reinvent, our own.

When you empower others, you directly and indirectly help the greater cause... Collective Economics! We set out on this journey as five like-minds striving for change and ended up as a movement to shift the culture!

If not us, who...

If not now, when...


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Our Partners

A special highlight of the organizations and platforms that we have been able to invest in and empower thanks to your trust in us:

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  • California HBCU Alliance 

  • C. Cooper Community Bootcamp

  • Code 313 Detroit

  • D9Destinations

  • Empowered Readers

  • Give.Love.Xavier Day

  • Humanity 360 for 365


  • Math 4 Success

  • Pulse Of Perseverance

  • San Gabriel Valley YWCA "Domestic Violence"

  • The Fasting Doctor 

  • The Stone Foundation 

  • Traumatically Amazing 

  • XULA Alumni DC

  • XULA c/o 2004 "Scholarship Fund"

  • XULA c/o of 2009 "Mentoring" 


Our flagship location "Black Coffee ATL" is now open EVERYDAY!

Located at 1800 Jonesboro Rd. SE, Atlanta, GA 30315.

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