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#BlackCoffee TEAM Members

Now recruiting.....  

Sales Leaders

Brand Ambassadors

  • Interested in selling or promoting the #BlackCoffee Brand?

  • Have a passion project that you just can’t seem to launch?

  • Ready to create positive change in your communities?

  • Roles on our TEAM are custom built and tailored just for you 

Black Coffee Co. invests time and resources in each ambassador to help them pursue and fulfill their individual passions; while we utilize their strengths and talents to support the Black Coffee Co. mission to close the economic achievement gaps facing underserved communities.  

We are working to build a winning, supportive, fun work culture. Join our team, build with us, and help us extend a hand up to the next young leaders ready to become community change agents.  


Structured based on each unique individual’s strengths, with a few structured duties that apply to all Sales Leaders & Brand Ambassadors so that they all have a shared knowledge base; but not cookie cutter or generic. Each TEAM member will have an integral role in designing the position so that we fully embrace each person's uniqueness and strengths. It is essential that each member of the team feel empowered to provide honest feedback and constructive criticism for the brand.

Time Commitment


  • Just a few hours per week which can be spread over multiple days or completed within a single day.

  • Nothing too serious or regimented.

  • We ask that you keep track of time spent in the log provided.

  1. Ready to join the #BlackCoffeeCo Team?
  2. Are you dedicated to closing the economic achievement gaps facing communities all over the world?
  3. Do you believe in #FinancialFreedom #Entrepreneurship
  4. & #CommunityEmpowerment for all?
If you answered "Yes" to all of the above, then
please complete the application below:
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