Black Coffee Decaf K-Cups

Black Coffee K-Cups - Single Serve Pods


We are elated to introduce the coffee you love in new convenient single brew pods! The same great flavors all packaged up and convenient for on the go brewing!


Take them with you, leave them in a random space for others to enjoy, buy in bulk.... whatever you do, do NOT miss out!


100% Recyclable

Compatible with Keurig 2.0


Brazilian Decaf

Origin: Organic, direct trade from small farms in Brazil.


Process: This coffee uses a water decaffeination process, which means it does not use harsh chemicals to decaffeinate the beans.


Tasting Notes: Cocoa and almond flavor with tart citric acidity. This coffee empowers you to accomplish goals and savor the success.


Black Coffee Decaf K-Cups


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