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Below is a description of each coffee currently available:


Brazilian "Fazenda Alta Vista" Organic Coffee Beans

Tasting Notes: Sweet and clean with tropical fruit, berry, lemongrass and caramel. Each cup will bring a smile to your face and a positive outlook to your day.


"Espresso Blend" Organic Coffee Beans

Tasting Notes: Perfect blend of organic coffee beans from Ethiopia, Brazil, and Mexico. Dark chocolate, berry and cocoa. Each cup will bring a smooth consistent dedicated focus to achieve your goals.


Ethiopian "Shakiso" Organic Coffee Beans

Tasting Notes: Berry, juniper, floral, and #BlackExcellence. This sweet and smooth. coffee empowers you to accomplish goals and savor the success.


Kenyan "Kirinyaga" Organic Coffee Beans

Tasting Notes: Sweet with citrus grapefruit hint, robust & rich in flavor. Perfect for enjoying cold weather with family & friends.


Costa Rican "Naranjo” Organic Coffee Beans

Tasting Notes: Sweet, soft, clean and citric with chocolate and caramel flavors.


Brazilian Decaf Coffee Beans

Tasting Notes: Cocoa and almond flavor with tart citric acidity. This coffee empowers you to accomplish goals and savor the success.


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