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4th Quarter

There are less than 90 days left in 2021...

84 days and 15 hours and 40 minutes to be exact.

If you are like me, and many others, then there is a good chance you probably set some personal goals and aspirations to accomplish this year.

Around early January or even mid February, you probably said something like, “I’m going to save more money this year,” or maybe you said “I’m going to get in shape.”

For some it was,“we are going to buy a home this year,” ….maybe it was an investment property.

For a very select few it was, “I am going to start a business!”

If any of this rings true and consistent for you, well I hope this message does not come as surprise when I say,

...time's almost up!!!

That's right, the clock is ticking.

The year is coming to an end.

The “4th Quarter” of 2021 has already begun, and if this message did come as a shock, then you are quite possibly, behind. I know that’s how I feel from time to time.

Then I am reminded that all is not lost, there is still time to make meaningful progress towards your goals.

As I stated at the beginning of this blog, there are more than 84 days left!

It's not the beginning of the end, it’s the beginning of an opportunity. A chance for those who feel they are behind, to get in the game and get some points on the board, and quite possibly a big WIN!

It is time to get moving, time to start taking intentional steps each day towards your goals.

Those gains won’t come unless you get to earning. The weight ain’t gone lose itself.

Those routine expenses won’t cut themselves… Your savings can't grow unless you seriously set aside money each pay period.

That LLC will not file itself.

We can't support your website unless you make it public, and those new product(s) you keep talking about can't launch unless you do!

Yes the fourth quarter has begun, the clock is counting down, but for those who follow sports, you already know that the best victories always come at the end of the game.

If you are reading this message and thinking, “hey I am way ahead and this doesn’t apply to me.”

Then you are probably right….maybe.

Regardless of your current position, there is still time to make progress, but it won't start, until you do.

There is an old expression, that I am probably going to mess up, but here it goes,

"When you pray for a full cup, don't act all shy when it is time to drink!"

I’ll end this blog with four personal goals and four business goals.

Y'all keep us motivated and we’ll see how many points we put up 🏀☕️🖤🏁


-Take my wife on a get away

-Spend more with my daughters

-Invest in my self; care, assets, growth

-Be more open in relationships


-Finalize our December/January Schedule of events

-Launch family/friends investment round 1 for Houston, TX

-New partnerships with community focused organizations

-Continue growing and developing our team

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