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60 days of Success!!!

Updated: May 2, 2018

“The Black Coffee Company”

Has been officially open for 60 days, and we are counting each day in business as a success!!!

To some, 60 days of success may seem like only a short period of time...

For us, the past 60 days was earned, with over 3 years of;

  • Investment Group Meetings

  • Conference Calls and Discussions

  • Work on Group and Individual Assignments

  • Dedicated Research into Education and Economic Markets

  • Strategic Investments Using Our Own Funds

  • Most Importantly, Growing into a Trusting Team!!!

After successfully creating and funding our investment group, "Back Pack Investments," we were motivated to start "The Black Coffee Company," when we had a collective realization. Making strategic investments into the economic markets, is only one step on the long road to financial freedom. In order to be truly free, we must save and invest, but we must also create, operate, and support our own businesses.

We sell coffee because it inspires creativity, motivates conversation, and promotes community. Coffee has consistently helped with our productivity, as we continue to strive further in life accomplishing goals.

We champion and promote #BlackCoffee because it is healthy for you. We encourage you to leave out the sugars, sweeteners, creams and extra calories. Start drinking your coffee "black," as it will taste fresh, natural, and organic just like the day it was discovered hundreds of years ago in Ethiopia.

When you support #BlackCoffee you are not just buying coffee and merchandise, you are also investing in our unwavering dedication and commitment to community growth and success.

Take a look at what we have accomplished this past few weeks....

Monthly Milestones:

  • April 6th 2018 - We finalized our new official "Black Coffee" Logo (seen at the top)

  • April 7th 2018 - We shipped our first batch of coffee bean orders to our much appreciated customers.

  • April 10th 2018 - We were blessed to give to and support our beloved alma mater, Xavier University of Louisiana, for the 6th annual "Give. Love. Xavier" day. Through this fundraiser the university received over 2000 donations that will be used to fund scholarships for deserving students.

  • April 23rd 2018 - We debuted our brand new coffee blend, now available on our website, Peru San Ignacio Cajamarca: "These shade grown high quality beans are sweet and juicy with strong caramel flavors and nutty undertones. Each cup will bring a smile to your face as you grind out the day."

  • April 27th - We added three new combination packages/prices:

We’ve added new BLOG posts;

...and we have much more exciting news **Coming Soon**

We will continue to post, share, email, and communicate our major and monthly milestones, as we believe in transparency and openness in business is the best way to operate. We encourage you to continue commenting, sharing, and telling us how we can best serve you and the community.

-Many Blessings!!!

(Jamin, Leonard, Branden, Gino, and Chris)

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