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Black Coffee ATL

“Till we all vertically integrated from the floor up!” #Entrepreneur Pharrell ft. Jay-Z

"Serial entrepreneur, we on our own

Stop sittin' around waitin' for folks to throw you a bone

If you can't buy the building at least stock the shelf (Word)

Then keep on stackin' 'til you stockin' for yourself!"

We are super thankful & proud to announce our new home in Atlanta, GA, “Ali at Lakewood” welcomes "Black Coffee ATL." 1800 Jonesboro Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30315.

Very special thanks to Omar Ali, Dr. Rashad Richey, Killer Mike, and our super DOPE team!

COVID19 has become "the great accelerator for our business." Online sales have skyrocketed, increasing our brand’s visibility across the nation & internationally.

Thanks to the success of our digital campaigns, dedicated networking, and virtual expos, our access/ability to connect with dope partners/influencers has increased significantly. This has encouraged us to continue growing our business model in order to keep pace.

Opening a brick & mortar location during the middle of the COVID19 era might seem counterintuitive to some, but for us it makes perfect sense. All our data (sales/web/social) indicates that coffee remains an in demand commodity, especially within communities of color. Young, old, college aged, or working class. From the AUC to the boardroom coffee gets a seat at every table.

Atlanta, GA offers many attractive locales, affordable real estate, and a booming entertainment/tech industry that will ensure the populations continues to explode long in the future. "It’s easy to fall in love with the city’s abundant green space, award-winning restaurants, and decades of rich history. But it’s even easier to plant roots in the ATL. The city boasts some of the best businesses, highest rates of job growth, and most desirable neighborhoods for families."

We want to send a special shoutout to our amazing building neighbors “iwi Fresh Farm Oasis” & “Tassili’s Raw Reality."

The iwi fresh Farm Oasis is a social holistic retreat. This 24 hour retreat will offer meditation services, reiki, reflexology, waist beads alter, yoni steams, a Himalayan salt room, a wet room, a Farm to Skin Garden and more.

Tassili’s Raw Reality is a fast, casual restaurant located in Atlanta, Georgia. They specialize in gourmet raw vegan cuisine. Tassili Ma’at passionately set out to make the best kale in Atlanta, a super food that is delicious as well as healthy. Today, her brand “Tassili’s Raw Reality” is recognized around the world for the best kale in Atlanta and its attractive Afrocentric ambiance.

Whether people are working at home or venturing out in the world as essential workers, a hot cup coffee/tea accompanies most in either setting.

We are not only prepared to satisfy this demand, we have some very exciting plans on how we can directly re-invest & empower the local “Lakewood Heights” community we now call home!!

There is much more to share with you all about this exciting opportunity.

If you are interested in learning more about "Black Coffee ATL" feel free to leave us a message and we will reply.

Curious about how you can #InvestWithUS feel free to email

"" and enter "INVEST" in the headline.

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