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We came... we setup... and we served the best BLACK COFFEE & VIBES in the city!!!!

iwi Fresh + Black Coffee Atlanta = FAMILY BUSINESS

Family!! When #Twitter sends you a DM⁉️

Ya better not leave it on read‼️!!!!

We are beyond thankful and elated for the opportunity to be the coffee caterer for #CultureConATL

Jazmine E. Robinson, TV/Film Actress & Singer/Dancer with Anisa Brenee, Radio Personality & Talk Show Host.

Michelle Mitchell, Creative, Storyteller, Attorney, Disrupter, Leader of We The Culture by Meta

The networking and connections made on this today will create generational change.

Tony Smith Founder of Historically Black Apparel, Jamin Butler Co-founder of Black Coffee Co., & Corey Arvinger Media Strategist and Creator of Support Black Colleges

Lorelle O. Sherman, Lifestyle Influencer + Content Creator
Lorelle O. Sherman, Lifestyle Influencer + Content Creator being served by Ayron Butler, Events Designer + Planner

This experience was so amazing, from the people and speakers, to the sponsors, partners, vendors, to the presentations, and the beautiful venue.

Everything we witnessed was incredible.

Sending our deep gratitude to the entire #TwitterVoices community for creating a beautiful cafe for us to work in.

Salute to our team and everyone who made this experience a super #DOPE success @culturecon @theccnyc @twitter


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