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Making 10K A Day!!! Health is Wealth!

For a summer walking challenge that began in June 2019 through September 2019, my job opened the challenge to all employees, from all departments. The challenge divided each employee into groups and the steps of each group combined was tallied and displayed on a weekly and monthly basis. I had a Fitbit that a friend gifted me that I figured to start using and the tracking of steps began.

Walking has always been a good source of exercise that I enjoyed since walking to Junior High for school, and to the fact that I would rather walk because I HATE RUNNING!!! I’ve had a crazy idea with my best friend to walk from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, not that we would do it, but that shows how much I enjoy walking.

When the walking challenge began, I noticed the team I was assigned to were already set since I joined in early July. I did not have a set number of steps, I just wanted to contribute so we would not be one of the bottom teams. After about a week with the Fitbit, I was averaging around six thousand steps a day, so I set my Fitbit challenge to ten thousand steps. After pushing for 10K a day, I started to notice our team catapulted up to the top 3 teams and within a few weeks, we became the top team and stayed there for the rest of the challenge.

Since the end of the challenge, its been an ongoing goal for me to reach 10K a day. I try to walk most of my steps in the morning before work because waiting to walk after work late in the evening increases the chances of me talking myself out of completing the challenge for the day. And since July 2019, my morning routine consists of walking for at least an hour and Yoga.

I don’t have a specific goal or a proposed finish date for my now walking routine, but in doing so, I realize that if my 10K a day continues through 2020, I would have taken over 3.5 million steps and I’m certainly okay with that! I think it is important to find a way to stay active and not feel as if you’re adding another chore to your routine. Whether its walking, or going to the gym, or swimming or roller blading, keeping an active body assists with keeping an active mind, which rewards an active spirit.

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has halted the normal routine, I usually try to keep my walking to a city block and not in a public area. Sometimes I’m just high stepping in the room. But whatever happens, I’m gonna make sure to stay safe, stay sane, and stay active!!!!

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