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Momma We MADE It!!!

It’s one thing to have over 150(+) 5 Star reviews on Google & YELP in just under 8 months of the shop being open (6/19/21) to the public…Its a whole new ball game to even be mentioned, let alone celebrated by BLAVITY!!! Momma I hope you are reading this!

Blavity Inc. is one of the most innovative online media companies in the world. That also happens to be founded and operated by a successful Black Woman. Lord!!!!

Check out this amazing article, written by Leslie D. Rose, on February 4th, 2022, titled,

“Make My appointment Coffee Black: 7 Black-Owned Coffee Shops To Pull Up On”

P.S. Come #PullUp and check out our new menu!


#TheBlackCoffeeCompany ✊🏿☕️💰

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