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Success is not a destination, it is a journey!

Jamin Patrick Butler

Success is not a destination, it is a journey!

I, along with my family & friends have been blessed to embark on one of the greatests callings you have in life.

The path of the “Entrepreneur.”

Today on my 37th Birthday, I encourage everyone in my network, all my family and friends, to keep dreaming, keep building, and most importantly...#KeepGrinding

This road we have chosen is not easy or steady. Some days will be filled with inspiring achievements, others filled with unseen twists and turns that can call you to question your progress. I implore you all to never doubt the gifts that you have been uniquely given or the talents you have worked long and hard to develop.

One year ago, my Partners/Brothers and I, launched "The Black Coffee Company."

On that day we committed not only to the journey towards economic freedom & generational wealth, we committed to the challenge of lifting up our communities, and we committed to taking this life changing journey “together!!”

The Black Coffee Company is more than just a lifestyle brand, business venture, or social enterprise. #BlackCoffeeCo is a success model for empowering our communities.

Through our collective experiences we have seen that when you combine #entrepreneurship with the pursuit of #financialfreedom you are not only empowering yourself and your family during this process, but you are also building platforms that can empower others.

When you make strategic investments into your long term success by pursuing sound principles of financial freedom, you are ensuring that your children will have a strong foundation. When you build & create businesses you are teaching your children the value of community & entrepreneurship, while simultaneously creating a platform for your neighbors, colleagues, friends, and community members to build their success upon.

This is how you empower your community and positively impact the next generation. Not by offering a hand out, but by offering a hand up, and then consistently re-investing to build resources, platforms, and additional models for success.

Whatever paths in life you have blessed to embark on, know that the people and experiences you encounter along that journey will always impact you much more than the destination. It is our collective duty & calling, to ensure that others can build upon, follow, or learn from our journey, together.

-Jamin P. Butler, MBA

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