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The Patriot ✊🏿🔥☕️🖤🇺🇸

Independence day (the 4th of July) is truly a celebration meant to honor those who have fought and died for our #American #Freedom & #Independence

As Black Americans the day holds even more significance, as we honor our Black leaders, who passed knowing the fight for our #Freedom continues. 🙏🏿

With their legacy in heart, we proudly present…

#ThePatriot designed by @mimimacblog 🎨 🖼

Description: "In light of our current political climate, I saw the “Harriet/heroine” figure posed in the window like Malcolm X, peering through the American flag. Wanting your country to actually live up to the words in its creed is patriotic. Resisting principles contrary to the words in its creed, is patriotic."

Now Available for purchase at the LINK below:

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