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Black Coffee FEST 2024

As we celebrate our beloved #Juneteenth holiday, I cannot help but reflect on our 3rd annual Black Coffee Festival, hosted in Lakewood, GA this past weekend at our flagship coffee shop, Black Coffee Atlanta.

We are so incredibly blessed.

This week the full scrope and power of our small business has been on display for the entire community to see. Our family has been hard at work growing this coffee brand from Atlanta, to the DMV (D.C.,Maryland, & Virgina), to Houston, and Los Angeles, the Black Coffee Company is active in celebration of, JUNETEENTH.

On behalf of the entire Black Coffee family, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to the phenomenal success of the Third Annual Black Coffee Festival!


To our generous sponsors,

Your unwavering support and commitment were crucial in making this festival possible. Your contributions not only funded the event but also underscored the importance of our mission to celebrate and uplift our communities.


To our inspiring speakers,

Your thought-provoking talks and engaging discussions were the heartbeat of this year's festival. You brought insight, wisdom, and energy, sparking conversations that will resonate long after the event.

"Young Entrepreneurs Panel." Moderated by Tyrese Miller

To our captivating keynote speaker John Hope Bryant,

Your powerful words set the tone for the festival, inspiring all who attended. Your messages of empowerment and unity were truly impactful and memorable.

To our distinguished panelists,

Your expertise and diverse perspectives provided depth and richness to our panels, offering invaluable knowledge and fostering meaningful dialogue among attendees both younger and older.

To our gracious hosts,

Thank you for your warm hospitality and for creating a welcoming environment for all. Your efforts ensured that every guest felt at home and part of something special.

Clark Atlanta University Student Leaders

To our dedicated vendors,

Your diverse offerings and high-quality products added a unique flavor to the festival. Thank you for your hard work and for helping us create a vibrant and dynamic marketplace.


To our tireless volunteers,

Your enthusiasm and dedication behind the scenes made everything run smoothly. The festival's success is a direct reflection of your hard work and commitment.

Hashtag Lunchbag Atlanta & the TRU Foundation

To our incredible team members,

Your collective effort, creativity, and passion brought this festival to life. Each of you played a crucial role in ensuring every detail was perfect, and for that, we are immensely grateful.


And to our wonderful guests,

Thank you for joining us and bringing your positive energy and enthusiasm. Your participation and engagement made this festival truly special.

Xavier University Of Louisiana Alumni c/o 04

 The Third Annual Black Coffee Festival 2024 was a remarkable event because of each one of you. Your contributions, whether big or small, created a tapestry of experiences that celebrated our unique communities and cultures. We are deeply appreciative of your support and look forward to collaborating with you again in the future.

Thank you once again for making this year’s festival an unforgettable success!

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