#BlackCoffee "COLD BREW"

The summer is full swing, and it's getting hotter each day.

What better way to stay cool and focused than with a delicious batch of

"Black Coffee Cold Brew."

Before I continue this post, I must acknowledge that this recipe was crafted by our resident Brew Master @LeonardLightfoot .....so if you don't like the recipe, blame him! j/k

Now I know ya'll probably have a few thoughts/questions, like;

  • Isn't Cold Brew difficult to make? ....NO!

  • Cant I just make my coffee the regular way and chill it or pour it over ice? ...NO!!

  • Doesn't Cold Brew contain unhealthy additives like sugar or syrups?? .....Heck NO!!!

There are no additives unless YOU add them!!!

Furthermore, according to a recent studies, cold-brewed coffee is 67 percent less acidic than hot-brewed. Without all that acid, the burnt flavor that plagues hot-brewed coffee is eliminated. Plus, the reduced acid makes it healthier for your stomach and your teeth.

With all that said, lets get to work brewing the perfect batch of "#BlackCoffee Cold Brew."

Materials Used

  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Beans (#BlackCoffee Brand Preferred)

  • Coffee Grinder

  • Reusable Coffee/Tea Bags or Cold Brew Filters**


  • Mason Jar or Pitcher

  • Filtered or Bottled Water

7 Steps to "#BlackCoffee Cold Brew"

1. Set your grinder to its most coarse setting