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#BreonnaTaylor #SayHerName

Tomorrow, June 5th would have been Breonnas 27th birthday.

Instead of a joyous occasion celebrating her life.

We are forced to mourn her passing.

Another young #BlackWoman taken from the world by those who were trusted to protect & serve.

Her name is now engraved on the memorial list of fallen #BlackQueens killed by law enforcement. Names that we as survivors have a duty to lift up forever more;

We will forever remember, honor, uplift, and continue to #SayTheseNames

In America, we are supposed to have guaranteed civil rights and liberties to the individual, like freedom of speech, freedom of protest, freedom from unreasonable search & seizure, freedom to bear arms..

A “No Knock” warrant is the tool, Breonnas killers falsely obtained, in order to burst into the home of Breonna Taylor & her boyfriend Kenneth Walker Jr in the middle of the night. Kenneth stood his ground and fired a shot at the intruders, who then opened fire in return killing Breonna while she laid sleeping in her bed. Kenneth was arrested immediately. and later released after public pressure began to rise.

Later it was revealed this “No Knock” warrant was obtained because the investigating officers lied to a judge.They falsified evidence stated a suspect they had been tracking was receiving mail at Breonnas home. A story we now know to be 100% false.

These officers have yet to be charged with any crimes. Which is a scenario that we have seen play out time and time again...At this point some of you may pause to consider, #JusticeForGeorge

Yes the 4 officers in this case have now been charged for his murder but only after a series of nationwide community demonstrations & protests for #BlackLives ..which currently show no signs of slowing down. Thank God!!

If you are reading this, please understand, this a generational issue we are fighting. Success will not be achieved with one case, or two, or a dozen. Until the systemic polices, practices, and procedures that have oppressed people, black people, for centuries are abolished, our work is not done.

This is why we at the Black Coffee Company will continue to fight, as justice will not be served until every individual life is valued, respected, and given every human right to which we are all entitled.

We will fight to ensure that our rights to vote are unobstructed. We will fight to see our people have the right to quality healthcare & education.

We will fight to see our legislative system changed, we will fight to see more Blacks & minorities represented in positions of power, from police officers, to council members, mayors, prosectors, senators, and governors.

We will fight to see mass incarceration, and militarized policing end, we will fight for more community policing. We will fight to see our people become business owners.

We will fight, because those who came before US, fought & died so that we may the protected constitutional & human rights to fight!!

Our fight to achieving freedom, justice, and equity for all has not been won, in fact it has truly just begun.

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