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Hov did that... so hopefully, you wont have to go through that

Greetings from the Black Coffee Company! We hope this blog post finds you well and that you are staying safe and engaged with your loved ones.

We would like to thank you immensely for your continued support, especially during these uncertain times. The amount of growth we’ve experienced has been phenomenal and has allowed us to create spaces for other entrepreneurs and small business owners to shine along with us. We have also been blessed to give back to the community, both with COVID relief donations of over $1k and social justice donations of over $500, specifically supporting racial inequality for Black and Brown people. It has been through your generosity and intentionality that we keep moving the culture toward Generational Wealth and Financial Freedom.

With rapid growth comes challenges, and our business is no exception! Our response and attitude to these challenges is what sets us apart! We believe that these are good problems to have, but customers must always remain at the forefront. With that in mind, we have decided to deliver transparency with our struggle and mitigations that we feel will help alleviate issues going forward.

The first step is to sincerely apologize for communication gaps with respect to products purchased and not received in a timely manner. Communication is within our control.

We make no excuses for failing to keep our customers informed on their orders. We are learning and working to improve operations each day. In fact, we are making policy changes and putting metrics around customer satisfiers. One new policy will require us to send more frequent updates (when possible) on all orders.

Further, we want you all to know that shipping delays and supply chain issues are being experienced across the retail industry at large. We have tested this theory with larger, well-established websites and have received shipping delay notices as well. Again, while this is not an excuse, it is a reality not specific to Black Owned Businesses. Our team is constantly working to get orders to customers as soon as possible. We are working to diversify our supply chain to avoid these issues in the future. We have also considered holding inventory but realized the costs outweigh customer benefit and pricing.

Where some may consider these challenges detrimental to their businesses, we see these as opportunities to continue empowering the community and fellow entrepreneurs with education and transparency... As always, BLACK LIVES MATTER!!! #TMC #BLM

-Black Coffee Company

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