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...but I do not have a coffee bean grinder!

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Coffee Grinders: Blade, Burr, and Conical Burr

We realized that some folks do not have a coffee grinder to grind their coffee beans, we so put together a short informational guide about the various types of coffee grinders. There are basically three types of coffee grinders: blade grinder, burr grinder, and conical burr grinder.

The blade grinders are typically the most economical in terms of price. However, the blades tend to run hot, which can burn your grounds. A common technique to avoid burning your grounds is to "pulse" grind, where you grind your beans for only a few (3-4) seconds at a time instead of running the grinder for several seconds.

The burr grinder uses two spinning disk to ground the coffee beans. Similarity to the blade grinder, the disks can get hot. However, the burr grinder is considered better than the blade grinder in yielding uniform coffee grounds.

The conical burr grinder is often the most expensive out of the three, but it is the heavy favorite amongst both the coffee professionals and enthusiasts. The conical burr grinder produces uniform and consist coffee grounds.

You may already have a coffee grinder in your home. Did you know that you can use the Ninja Blender and Vitamix (Dry Grains Container) to grind your coffee beans?

I personally have a blade grinder ( My blade grinder definitely gets the job done and I do not have any complaints.

I plan to upgrade to a hand conical burr ( grinder within the next few weeks to measure the difference in consistency. I will be sure to keep you updated.

What coffee bean grinder do you like to use?

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1 Comment

Jamin P. Butler
Jamin P. Butler
Apr 25, 2018

Great post Bro!! Very insightful and hits close to home. I too have the economically friendly "Blade" grinder. Reading this post has made me realize something about those warm coffee grounds I love to grind up and smell each morning.

The reason they are warm before I place them in my Ninja, is because are most likely a little "burnt."

I thought the grounds were suppose to be a little warm lolol.

Well now you leave me no choice but to upgrade as well.... Before I do, let me share a bit of my morning routine...

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