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2024 Milken Institute Global Conference

The Black Coffee Company had the honor to be the official coffee sponsor for the 2024 Milken Institute Global Conference held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA.

Our CFO, Dr. Leonard Lightfoot and our Director of Design and Events, Mrs. Ayron Butler had the opportunity to attend this star-studded, action-packed event on behalf of The Black Coffee Company. The conference entailed a variety of keynote presentations and panel discussion on healthcare, the economy, finance, technology, and many more.

If there are four words to describe the event, it would be "this can't be real!" Looking at the speaker line-up before the event, we knew the event would be major, but to experience it first hand, it is something you really can't put in words. The magnitude of influence, power, and wealth in the rooms where unimaginable. Not just from a United States perspective, but from a Global perspective.

For the first few hours of the first day, we were literally overwhelmed by the number of great talks, the number of people in attendance, and how easily accessible it was to talk to people you only dreamt of talking to. After shaking off the initial nerves of being in this environment, it was game on! Not taking the moment for granted, we introduced ourselves to anyone who made eye contact with. Everybody is somebody at this conference. From meeting the CEO of the Angola Stock Exchange, learning about and meeting several Milken Young Leaders Circle members, walking out of a panel discussion and running into Chris Tucker, to shaking hands with Pastor T.D. Jakes and him saying that he has heard of us, to hearing the powerful and dynamic Ms. Thasunda Brown-Duckett (CEO of TIAA) speak on the importance of financial literary and investing, to hearing Elon Musk chat about Starlink and why it is important we teach the youth about the problem vs. just giving them tools (e.g. how to solve for x, how to take the derivative), from hearing Magic Johnson talk about the importance of building relationships and partnerships. I can go on and on....

If you ever have a chance to attend a Milken Global Conference, jump at the opportunity. From the networking opportunities, to the ability to the hear from thought leaders on the problems they are trying to solve.

All of the sessions were recorded and are available to watch at the Milken Global Conference site. High recommend you watch as many sessions as you can.

When we made the decision to respond to the request to become the coffee sponsor with a "yes," it was all hands on deck. With a little over two weeks to pull it all together, we executed in harmony to over deliver. It was such a joyous feeling seeing our branding flooded throughout the conference. We would like to thank the Milken Institute, TGB Events, and Mrs. Ayron Butler for the love and support along this ride. A special shoutout to my beautiful wife Tinesha for enduring the additional stress this has cause on the family, Your sacrifice and dedication has not gone unnoticed!

Thank you!

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