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Cyber Tips to Protect Your Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are now the new normal. Over the past few days, we have seen a rapid increase of virtual meeting tools such as ZOOM not only being used for telework/professional usage, but for social engagements (virtual happy hour anyone?). As we shift to utilizing these virtual meeting tools, we wanted to share a few cyber hygiene tips to help keep your virtual sessions private and safe from cyber trolls.

  • Lock your meetings and require a password to join

  • Do not publicly share the link to your virtual meetings

  • Enable the waiting room feature and admit/boot users only when the administrator is ready for them to join

  • Restrict meeting participants to only authenticated users with the same domain

  • Disable participants from sharing screen

  • Disable participants the ability to annotate shared screen

  • Limit screen sharing to content from a specific application rather than your entire desktop (so participants can't accidentally get eyes on something they shouldn't).

  • Mute all participants upon joining the meeting

For those on our latest "Online Community Conversation: COVID-19 Impact On Global Health & Economic", unfortunately you witness the effects of poor cyber hygiene. The Black Coffee Company sincerely would like to apologize for the events that took place the other night. The one thing the team has learned though this entrepreneurship journey is that you have to turn your losses into lessons. We hope these cyber tips pays dividends and keeps your virtual sessions private and safe.

Screen capture of when we first started to realize our Online Conversation was under attack from cyber trolls.

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Aug 20, 2021

Thank you for writing thhis

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