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...another King, murdered by police, a new name added to the list of leaders taken from US.

Now for my reaction, to y’all reactions about the folks reacting to his murder.

I understand how y’all feeling about the destruction of property. I hate to see our people act in a fashion unbecoming our greatness. There are not enough leaders available and present to teach the youth how to “protest with a purpose” or “disrupt with intention.”

We must never take for granted all the pent up anxieties, frustrations, and pain that exists due to the larger societal factors that exist in our country; racist criminal justice system, mass incarceration, lack of access to quality education & healthcare, food desserts/insecurities, rampant poverty, and the systemic denial of access to tools necessary to build generational wealth. The kids & adults out there rioting do not know what else to do. They are in pain and no one is coming to help.

Do I think we should cheer on property destruction? Nope.

Am I angry at the folks destroying the property? Nope.

Don’t blame the symptoms, just fix the problems!

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