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Summer Tea 🍵

Meet our new, “Summer Tea" Trifecta! ☀️

Our “Loose Leaf Tea" collection, is perfect for the summer weather.

🥇California Gold (Herbal Tea)

-Tasting Notes: An herbal tea that is caffeine free, delicious, and healthy. This loose leaf tea will help you achieve a relaxed and chill vibe.

-Health Benefits: Sleep assistance; Anxiety reduction; Lower blood sugar; Reduced inflammation; Cold treatment

-Ingredients: Chamomile flowers, peppermint leaves, rooibos tea, natural vanilla flavor

⭐️Texas Sweet Tea (Green Tea)

-Tasting Notes: Vegetal goodness of China green tea and flora flavors of ripe mango. Juicy, creamy finish, and candy sweet.

-Health Benefits: In traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, practitioners have used green tea as a stimulant, diuretic, digestion aid and astringent. Studies show that green tea has the ability to regulate blood glucose, density and lower risk heart disease. It is a rich source of the polyphenol EGCG, shown to provide protection against cancer, particularly colon, lung and skin cancers.

-Ingredients: Green tea, natural flavor, apple pieces, mango pieces, and marigold flavor.

🍑Georgia Peach (Black Tea)

-Tasting Notes: The soft warmth of ginger, sweet depth of summer ripe peaches and apricots, paired with citrusy ceylon black tea.

-Health Benefits: Alertness and energy; Gut health; Antioxidant properties; Reduce blood pressure

-Ingredients: Black tea, ginger, natural ginger flavor, natural apricot flavor, natural peach flavor, marigold flowers

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