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The Importance of Having Reserves & Community!

The 2015 Detroit trip that inspired us to start an investment club!

Back in 2016 when we established our investment club, little did we know that those investments would grow and be used to fund our coffee business. We started out contributing $50 per month into the investment club. We used those monthly contributions to purchase stocks in Telsa, Nvida, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and AMD just to name a few. Through the growth, and peaks and valleys of operating The Black Coffee Company, we have had to lean on our community (family & friends investors) and our investment account to sustain. It is a juggling act! There are periods of times when we are uncertain of how we can maintain. As of July 2023, we have found a way to "keep the lights on" and keep our promise of paying back our investors. We accepted our first investor payment check in September 2020 ($1,000) and made our first repayment checks to our investors in November 2021.To date, we have not missed an investor repayment!!! #consistency

Meeting minutes from one of our first Investment Club Meeting (March 2016). We started each meeting with checking up on each other, then jumped into discussing stocks!

Circling back to those early years of pooling our resources to invest in the other companies (stock market), and now fast forward to today and being able to cash out on those investments to invest in our own business. It is amazing! There are a number of reasons why we have been able to successfully grow and operate our company to this point, but two of the most important reasons are our ability to use our reserves (funds from investment club) and investments from our family & friends to provide for the community.

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