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The Kids are Alright!

It’s an amazing feeling knowing that we get to wake up every day and pursue our entrepreneurial dreams with our children watching it all unfold.

Baby girl wearing Black Coffee Co. children clothes
Liv modeling the Black Coffee Co. Kids Collection

Liv, who will soon be two years old, is learning to use her words. She recognizes our "Black Coffee Co." label whenever she sees it.

"Foffy" is what she calls it.

My oldest daughter has been working for the business since the beginning.

From labeling coffee bags, pouring/grinding beans, or working at the pop-ups. Now she is seen as an expert across on our team, especially when it comes working our new point of sale system.

The Black Coffee Co. team at the register
Welcome to Black Coffee, how can we serve you?

These accomplishments that we are now celebrating would not be possible if our own parents & community didn't support us.

All 5 founders come from low income & inner city communities. In order to make it out, we were directed to focus on education along with having a strong moral compass. Our parents instilled core values in us, that we now work daily to instill within our own children.

HiddenSole Fox Hills located in Culver City, CA
HiddenSole is a family business!!!

Hard work, compassion, friendship, patience, plus so much more.

When we launched Black Coffee, it was these values plus our new found life experiences that birthed our own "Raw Values."

Entrepreneurship, Financial Freedom. and Community Empowerment.

Holding new baby in front of Black Coffee Co. sign
Urban Vendor Market at Long Beach, CA

Thanks to the foundation that was built for us, we are now able to create these new raw values. Along with team goals and a shared vision that will take us all much further, than many ever dreamed.

Please know that it’s not that some us didn't think we would be successful, but seeing it all happen in real time, is such a blessed experience.

Preparing a pour over coffee
Black Vendor market at Facebook Seattle

The kids aren't just watching us pursue collective economics.

They are actively participating in the creation of their own #GenerationalWealth every single day!

A group of children modeling Black Coffee Co. clothing
The kids are looking great!

For us, that's alright.

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