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“Virtual LOVE!” 🖤⚜️☕️🏁

The Black Coffee Company presents...

Tomorrow 5.30.20 at 9AM PST | 12PM EST we launch the “Virtual Expo & Shopping Network.” 🚀

Just like every other project we have worked on together, this has truly been a labor of love.

It was at #XULAHomecoming2018 🖤⚜️ where we first had the idea to team up with all the dope entrepreneurs & business owners in our network. #XULAHC2018 was actually one of the first times we sold our products to a live audience vs our online e-commerce shop... we were under prepared & under pressure but we were 100% committed to delivering a #DopeExperience ...not only did we execute, but we were blown away by all the love, support, and sales we received on the day!

This became our moment of inspiration. Not only had we succeeded at our goal, but we also witnessed first hand the power, creativity, and commitment that our fellow business owners, entrepreneurs, & vendors all shared. We proudly watched as our peers engaged with customers, made sales, and most importantly established themselves as true #Entrepreneurs ...from that moment on, we became obsessed with the idea of, “what if we could all work together, succeeded together, lifting each other up? What would that look like, and how would it work?” Those questions continued to challenge us, for over a year.

We considered building a live “Expo,” but the travel & costs associated made it too cumbersome. We considered an online event, but felt customers might be too busy & wouldn’t give it the proper attention, due to all the competing events going on in their day to day lives... we were almost ready to let the idea rest and pursue other endeavors but then the whole world 🌍 stopped due to #COVID19 ..overnight businesses closed, schools closed, malls closed their doors, and countless entrepreneurs who feed their families through their businesses were told to shutdown. ..but not us, no #TheBlackCoffeeCompany actually began experiencing rapid sales growth.

New customers and regular supporters were seeking us out more now than ever, spending more, sharing our work more! ..rather than keep this momentum for ourselves, we felt a responsibility to share!! Join us tomorrow morning, and we promise to “share the love.”

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