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Given the current state of the COVID19 global health pandemic, along with continued uncertainty in regards to how long the virus will be prevalent in our society. We have positioned “Black Coffee ATL” to be the premier safe & essential coffee cafe in the Atlanta community.

All of our top scientists & medical professionals anticipate that this virus is not going away any time soon. No vaccine, that has been safely tested over time and verified exists. Given this knowledge, we decided to study the landscape and see how consumers & communities would react. We have spent the past 6 months researching, studying, and documenting how multiple coffee shops, restaurants, and operators in the food & beverage industry have pivoted their products offerings & services to meet today's continued demands across the country.

Through our research we have learned that highly engaged customers will buy more, promote more, and demonstrate more loyalty. Even during a pandemic! In other words, for this new business enterprise to succeed, it will require even more time, effort, and money, invested with the singular focus on ensuring we deliver a quality experience for our community

So that's what we are doing. Instead of sitting back waiting for the coast clear we have forged ahead. Moving slowly, safely, and secure in fact that when this space is complete. We will be ready to stand the tests of time. ..

...Oh and one other, piece of advice picked up along our travels.

In order to build a true sustainable community, in order to truly "Buy Back the Block" we are going to need all hands on deck!

That means inviting our family, friends, supporters, customers, and partners to all #InvestWithUS

Curious about how you can #InvestWithUS feel free to email

"" and enter "INVEST" in the headline.

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