10 Essential Steps to Help you Launch!

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

XULA Homecoming 2018 w/ fellow #Xavierite & "Culture Creator," Dr. Lochland Roberts

“Never depend on a single income. Make investments to create a second source.”

-Warren Buffett

That quote perfectly describes the mentality and motivation of our 5 co-founders.

Before we launched "Black Coffee," we first came together and created

“Back Pack Investments LLC” ....#BPi to the cool kids!!

Our mission was simple.

Pool our collective resources (money, time, energy, and experience) and create revenue generating opportunities for our community and ourselves.

Y'all should know the story by now...we started by first investing time and energy in each other, then once we all got on the same page, we started investing money together. After a few years of experience working together, succeeding together, and investing together we created our first business venture...together.... #TheBlackCoffeeCoffeeCompany (Trademark still in review) 10 months later and It still makes me proud every time I type our full name out.

.....but this blog isn't about me, or us, it's about you!!

We share these stories, resources, experiences and life lessons so that others may follow in our success or learn from our mistakes. Our mission remains the same, help members of the community create opportunities to obtain generational wealth for their families.

We strongly feel that after budgeting, saving, and having a sound financial plan, the best strategy to combat the economic achievement gaps facing our community is to practice, learn, and share the benefits of "Entrepreneurship."

We came to this realization early on in our work, and have taken intentional steps ever since then to leave a clear road map on how those coming behind can best follow our path.

Each situation, environment, business, may be different, but we have identified 10 essential steps that are consistent and necessary for true team & community success!

10 Essential Steps Before you Launch

Thinking about becoming an entrepreneur?

Starting a small business with your friends & family?