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5 Day Financial Wellness Challenge

The goal of the challenge is to promote healthy financial behavior. We highly encourage you to complete these challenges with your spouse, significant other, family, and/or friends. The more the merrier!!! Oftentimes, we try to tackle everything the world is throwing at us individually, but together we can accomplish more and be more efficient at accomplishing these goals/challenges.

"If everyone in your circle is rich, your circle is rugged! Nobody will fail because everyone will be each others crutches."

modified line by Jay-Z from titled song "Feelin' It"

Day 1: Review expense from the past 21 days

The first step to improve your financial wellness is to know where you are at. Please review your expenses from the past 21 days. Do not forget expenses from mobile payment services such as PayPal, CashApp, GooglePay, Starbucks App, in addition to your credit and debit cards.

"you can't heal with you never reveal"

- Jay-Z from titled song "Kill Jay-Z"

Day 2: Check your credit report

You can obtain a free credit report from It only took us 5 minutes to obtain the credit report. To gain access to the report, you only need to answer a few questions such as social security number, current mailing address, birth date, and personal/security questions like what is your current/previous employer.

Day 3: Call/follow-up with creditors/debt agencies

There are a number of reasons why you may want to call your creditors/debt agencies. A good reason is if you identified an error in your credit report that you obtained in Day 2 of this challenge. A few other reasons could be to:

* Lower interest rate on credit card / loan

* Determine how your interest rate is accrued on your student loan

* Negotiate an alternate payment plan or settle an outstanding balance

Day 4: Review insurance (home, auto, life, etc.)

Review your insurance (auto, home, renter's, life, disability, etc.) policies to ensure the coverage aligns with your current lifestyle. Often times we just auto renew our insurance policies and do not modify our coverage and/or deductibles as our lives changes (marriage, kids, health issues, etc.). Please take the time to make sure your insurance policies align with your current lifestyle.

Day 5: Sell/donate unwanted clothes, shoes, electronics and gifts

It is always a good time to get rid of unwanted items. Plus you can get a little cash from your unwanted items by selling them on Facebook Marketplace, Letgo App, Offerup App, and other apps.

Please feel free to ask questions about any of the challenges. Again, we encourage you to do these challenges with a community of family, friends and loved ones.

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