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Black Restaurant Week: Los Angeles NOSH Culinary Showcase

This past Saturday, August 18th we were blessed with the opportunity to participate in the Black Restaurant Week Los Angeles, NOSH Culinary showcase held at Vector 90.

Our team is so truly thankful for this experience. We made new connections with like minded entrepreneurs, developed relationships with new customers, and discussed new opportunities with future partners.

Salute to Founders of Black Restaurant Week, Warren Luckett, Falayn Ferrell, Derek Robinson, and Alycia. You have built an incredible movement and platform. Our community has been empowered because of your efforts!

The Culinary showcase catered to a diverse culture of tastemakers, professionals and area foodies who were looking for exposure to delicious food, exquisite wines, and fresh coffee.

There were numerous black vendors from across the city, who filled the co-working space with delicious aromas & positive vibes.

Not only did our #BlackCoffeeCrenshaw team deliver upon all taste expectations but our customers were throughly impressed with our commitment to providing high quality service.

The customers came ready enjoy samples, make purchases, and enjoy the atmosphere.

Vector 90 holds a special place in our hearts and in the hearts of young black entrepreneurs across the world, as this co-working space is owned and founded by Nipsey “The Great” Hussle & David Gross.

The ability to pursue our entrepreneurial & community based passions in the same space that Nipsey created, made this experience so much richer & impactful.

For a brief moment it was almost as if his spirit was present in the room, helping to empower our success.

Thank you Nip.

Know that we will continue following the trail you blazed, and that we will seize each opportunity!


Vector90 provides technical training, professional development and a comprehensive launch curriculum for start-ups. We pride ourselves on curating a culturally resonant and inclusive environment.

Our spaces will serve as a form for intellectual and cultural discovery. From curated panels and distinguished guest speakers to cross-industry professional networking events, we will help create opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

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Black Restaurant Week, LLC  is committed to the education and awareness of the Black Culinary Industry in the United States of America. Using a combination model of awareness and education event, Black Restaurant Week will stimulate growth of African American owned culinary businesses and farms across the United States.

To achieve its mission of growth in the culinary industry, Black Restaurant Week aims to create experiences that will cater to a diverse culture of tastemakers, professionals and are foodies looking for exposure to delicious food, exquisite wines, and fresh coffee.

For upcoming event dates & more information check out:

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