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Core Value: Community Empowerment

An Interview w/ Gino Jones & Christopher Bolden Co-Founders of The Black Coffee Company & Back Pack Investments LLC

How does the Black Coffee Company empower the community?

We created The Black Coffee Company to promote community empowerment through entrepreneurship and financial freedom. -Gino

We sell the freshest organic coffee beans, merchandise and supplies so our team can create resources and opportunities for our communities.

In the words of the Big Homie, “We measure success by how many people successful next to you!” -Chris

We are the example of the power of coming together by being the leaders for growth within our communities -Chris

Partnering with other like-minded individuals and organizations for improving and enhancing our entrepreneurship. -Gino

Which communities are you including?

We are targeting all communities in need. It is so much that needs to be done, we just want to use our God given talent to help as many communities as we can. We did not build BCC for us, it is for the people. -Chris

Any and all communities that embodies our mission, vision, and goals for betterment and empowerment for the everyday experiences of all persons and communities -Gino

What are your long term goals?

Build networks and platforms for the community to exchange ideas and provide resources. -Gino

Developing a blueprint for starting a business and/or developing ideas that others are able to use for guidance and reference -Chris

Creating a “HUB” for others to connect with each other for utilizing resources and bridging the partnerships within our communities. -Gino

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