"Gentrify your own hood."

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

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Friday evening at 10:30 p.m. on April 27th, while many of us across the world were knee deep in Avengers: ENDGAME mania, quietly a cultural icon took the stage.

This rap pioneer delivered a powerful 90 minute performance that evening at Webster Hall, an intimate venue located in Manhattan, New York.

During a week where headlines were scheduled to be dominated by news ranging from: the NBA Playoffs, the NFL Draft, Marvel Box Office Records, and Game Of Thrones, a rapper/entrepreneur from the Marcy projects managed to steal a moment all for himself.

This man of course, is Jay-Z.

Highlighted by what many are calling a new clarion call for black solidarity & collective economic empowerment. This performance titled "The B-Sides 2" was the sequel to the legendary "The B-Sides 1," but it was not nearly as anticipated as its predecessor.

"The B-Sides Part 1" held in May of 2015 at "The Terminal" also in New York, was the first of its kind. The Tidal event was a milestone for then up and coming streaming service. Used to help encourage new subscribers to join the then service while also serving as an opportunity for Jay-Z to deliver an ode to his long time die hard fanbase.

"The B-Sides 2" had none of the previous iterations fan fare and from all indications intentionally ditched the mass marketing campaigns all together. Which resulted in many self proclaimed Jay-Z super fans, having no clue that the performance was even taking place. It wasn't until after video clips began to emerge online, that the community began to roar with adulation & enthusiasm.

Thanks to (Tidal), camera phone technology and the proliferation of social media, many of us were given a virtual front row seat to enjoy to the show.

Beyonce's scene stealing might have captured everyone's attention early on that night, as she was once a again shining like the Queen of our culture, but no she shared the trending topics with her King that evening.

The on stage reunion/healing moment between Jay-Z & Cam'Ron, a rap beef that reportedly led to the 2002 breakup of the infamous Roca-Fella records, brought smiles to many rap fans faces. That headline alone would have been enough for Hip-Hop culture to discuss and write about for a few weeks.

But that wasn't the moment that allowed President of Rap to once again thrust his name across our timelines and into our minds. It something even more rare than that, Jay-Z debuted a new freestyle live on stage.

Over 48 hours later these new bars have already inspired thousands of posts, tweets, comments, articles, and BLOGS (like this one). HOV dedicated the freestyle as a tribute to the late Great "Nipsey Hussle," and then doubled do