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Gifting with purpose: Intentionality to end the year...


  Every year around this time I begin to get a little antsy. I know I’m not the only one. This is typically the time where many people make miracles happen and create happiness through gift giving and spending quality time with friends and family. Now if you think this post is about saving your money, being a better consumer for black businesses, donating to a good cause, or teaching your kids about the “real” meaning of Christmas, you would be wrong! This blog is about sharing a few new thoughts that I’ve had lately about gifting for the holidays.

   I plan to gift! Not only do I have the means this year to gift to loved ones and a few strangers through donations (thank God), I simply enjoy gifting. I take it as a challenge each year to recall all the things that have been mentioned, all the things that are needed, and all the ways to make my gifts memorable and lasting! I’ve always been a functional gift giver or gift receiver. Anytime I was asked what I wanted, it would always be something that was lasting, like a belt or hair clippers etc. Some may find that boring, but I am who I am :)

   This is the first year where I am combining my natural inclination toward functional gifts with the notion of gifting “seeds for growth”. Now what in the world does that mean? Well, in my mind there are consumable gifts that are used and go away, functional gifts that are not very glamorous but are very useful, and seed gifts. Like seeds of a plant, seed gifts grow and keep on giving. I want to give gifts that bear fruit and help one prosper! This requires really knowing a person and getting to know their goals and desires. This takes conversation and relationship building with people.

Some of the questions I’ve asked myself this year are listed below:

1. How can this gift move this person’s life forward?

2. Will this gift fill a short or long-term need?

3. Is this something the person has hesitated in accompishing?

Everyone has their own way of gifting, this just happened to be mine this year. Some of the ideas I’ve come up with seem fitting for our line of work and may be just what a person in your life needs to jump start the next phase of their life! A few ‘different’ gift ideas are listed below. Happy Shopping!!!

Professional Headshots

Software Course

LLC Filing Fee

Trademark Fee


Business Starter Kit

Website Fee

Subscription Service

Stocks or Bonds

Session with a Financial Advisor

New Brushes for a Painter

New Lens for a Photographer

New Piece of Equipment

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