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Ok, WE are Standing Up! Now What? (part 2)

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Jason Douglas Lewis ( shooting photos of Jamin & Gino at George Washington Prep HS for a feature article in the Los Angeles Standard Newspaper.

In my last post I encouraged you to stand up.

To stand up and make your voices and votes heard.

To stand up for the freedoms and beliefs you hold near and dear.

Next I encourage you to take collective action!

.... but first, let's gain an understanding of exactly who this collective "WE" are...

The United States of America is our home. To many of us who were born here it is the only home we have ever known. For some it is an adopted home, but still a beautiful and cherished home. I am thankful to live here, thankful to raise a child here, but I recognize with all it's beauty, America is far from perfect.

We have a much storied history that for the sake of brevity I will not dive into, let's just say we are still very much a work in progress. Now this is usually the part of the BLOG where I would talk about how much class and ethnic identity play a role in our politics and divisions, but today we will focus on "AGE."

Much of the work that we have left to accomplish will be done so by the segments of our population most often defined as Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z.

These three segments in terms of raw numbers total over 220 million Americans and growing. As you can imagine there are some vast differences in opinion, lifestyle, beliefs, and voting patterns within this large block.

Before we agree on a set strategy and courses of action, let's examine who "WE" are...

This chart is a bit old but in terms of data very detailed:

Full disclosure I'm a 36 year old black man born in 1982, so I technically fall right into the overlap of the "Generation X" and "Millennial" generations.

Here's another chart with a bit more flavor that will help add context to the categories:

Baby Boomers ( my mother's generation) are the current elders in our society, they raised us, they paved the way for us, and they sacrificed for us. This was the generation that fought for and achieved the current civil rights, voting privileges, and freedoms that WE are now fighting to protect.

We truly appreciate all who came before this current generation, we honor their sacrifices, and continue their fight. The Baby Boomers have done their work, now it's on the rest of us to continue forward!

Check out this data about Millennials:

The NBC News/GenForward at the University of Chicago Survey was conducted July 26-August 13, 2018, among a nationally representative sample of 1,910 adults ages 18-34, recruited and administered by NORC at the University of Chicago.

"55% of millennials say they either probably or definitely will vote in November. 25% says they aren’t sure if they’ll go to the polls or not, and 19 percent say they probably or definitely won’t vote. 27% percent say they approve of the job Trump is doing."

According to NBC’s report of the study, millennials have a “sense of disillusionment and division” that is “seemingly both anti-Trump and anti-establishment.” Evidence of this is the candidate quality that matters most to millennials: someone who can bring about change."

This election cycle is on track to have highest midterm turnout for young voters in the last few decades. Generation Z and the younger segment of Millennials are standing up ready to do their part.

Take a look at the data released by the Harvard University Institute of Politics Youth Poll regarding Generation Z:

"Harvard IOP Youth Poll Finds Democrats Maintaining Heightened Levels of Interest as Republican Engagement Grows, Preference for Democratic Control of Congress Narrowed Slightly Since Spring. Majorities Support Democratic Socialist Policies Around Health Care, Education, and Jobs"

"40 percent of young people ages 18 to 29 said they would “definitely vote” in the upcoming midterm elections."

This election cycle is on track to have highest midterm turnout for young voters in the last few decades, but it seems as if their may be difference in opinion between Generation Z and Millennials as to what is actually the best path forward.

There is definitely a shared belief that change is very much necessary and needed now...but when you ask what or who should be changed? That's when that shared voice becomes many opinions...

Are you still standing!? ...Yes? Dope!!

Now let's figure out what actions we should be taking in the next post...

7 days left till election day!!!

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