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That One Time America Claimed It Wanted A Populist, So It Elected A Billionaire Trust Fund Baby

If this wasn’t our reality, you’d swear that was the opening to a joke. But here I sit, watching a dude who’s never worked a day in his life, never wondered how he would pay a bill, never worried about feeding his family, never fully understood budgeting, never been told “no”; allegedly represent the “common man”. I’m forced to watch Toupee Fiasco, stand at podiums and tell 300 million plus people how it’s no big deal that nearly 1 million of them are going without pay right now. Explaining to them how their landlords will understand. Talking about sacrifices they can make like have garage sales and whatnot for the greater good. And then, to add insult to injury, have the audacity to say, that these people are “with him”.

And you know what… he’s sort of not wrong.... Read more.

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