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Time to Stand Up!! (part 1)

"In light of our current political climate, I saw the “Harriet/heroine” figure posed in the window like Malcolm X, peering through the American flag. Wanting your country to actually live up to the words in its creed is patriotic. Resisting principles contrary to the words in its creed, is patriotic."
"The Patriot" by Monica Gibbs @Moni_Artist

We have not yet had any political discussions in this forum, but with the election now 6 weeks away, that will most certainly change. When I first heard the news about SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh being accused of sexual assault by Christine Blasey Ford, I was caught by surprise, and unsure of what to think. Even though I typically lean left, and do not trust anything our current President says or does, I am ashamed to say that I thought that this particular situation might be a bit of political theater, so I decided to reserve judgement and see how it plays out.....well that ended yesterday.

When I heard the news about Kavanaugh’s 2nd accuser, Deborah Ramirez, I barely had time to finish reading the headline before word came out that the White House had already publicly denounced Ms. Ramirez, and was still standing by Kavanaugh without even launching a true investigation.

This series of actions allowed me to fully realize that this push to seat Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, like everything else we have seen from this corrupt administration, is just another disgusting show of unethical partisan politics.

For those keeping score at home, this current administration has;

  • Attacked women’s rights

  • Attacked the free press/media (fake news)

  • Referred to N.F.L. players as “sons of bitches.”

  • Referred to countries the have largely black and brown populations as shitholes

  • Said Nigerians see America they will never “go back to their huts.”

  • Described Neo-Nazis as fine people after the Charlottesville protests.

  • Enforced a “zero tolerance” policy that separates immigrant children from their parents at the border.

  • During the presidential campaign encouraged supporters to rough up protesters,

  • Mocked and made fun of a physically disabled person during a campaign rally

  • Bashed the FBI

  • Publicly sided with Russia over the US intelligence community when it comes to the Kremlin's meddling in the 2016 US election.

......and this list barely scratches the surface of lies, fraud, treasonous activity, racist & sexist comments, willfully ignorant mistakes, and generally amoral behavior that permeated white house since the November 2016 election.

Today I am declaring, that we the people, cannot just stand by and allow this morally bankrupt administration to continue making decisions for the future of our country. Everyday our children see the headlines, they watch the news, and look at social media. They see what is happening, just like they are watching and paying attention to how we conduct ourselves. If we want our kids to grow up in a society where they can live and speak freely, where they can have the freedom of choice regarding their bodies, careers, where they can protect themselves from assault, then It is time for us to stand up and make our voices heard.

We must organize, we must register to vote, and we must come together because it is time for us to stand up for our children, it is time to stand up for the Christine Blasey Ford's & Deborah Ramirez out there who have yet to speak up. This November, it is time to stand up for Michael Brown's, Trayvon Martin's, Sandra Bland’s, Stephon Clark’s, Wakiesha Wilson’s, and Botham Jean’s.

It is time for us to stand up for everyone who no longer has a voice because they lost their voices to a justice system seemingly designed to deny justice to black people, brown people, people of color, men, women, and children who were not born into families wealthy enough to buy their justice and equal rights.

This November 2018 it is time to stand up to this corrupt administration. It is time to stand up to this morally bankrupt President, it is time to stand up and VOTE!!! …(to be continued)

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